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Beginning in the 23-24 School Year, we will join other Diocesan Schools in partnering with School Eatery to provide our students an option for hot lunch. The menu below will be updated and rotating monthly. School Eatery provides our students with more options, and a safe, cashless experience. 

Parents & Families are responsible for logging into their account and placing orders for their student(s) by 5pm for delivery on the next school day. We encourage you to download the School Eatery App (instructions below), for the best possible experience. 

  • You will need to create a School Eatery Account, where you will order. For info on creating your account and ordering your student(s) lunch CLICK HERE.
  • For more information about School Eatery CLICK HERE
  • For Help or Support setting up your account, or ordering issues please contact :
  • Students are always allowed to bring their lunch from home, and we encourage them to do so! 
  • Students have access to water throughout the day at our drinking fountains/bottle fill-up stations. They also have access to drinks during lunch at the cafeteria vending machines. 

Please find the current menu(s) below.  

May 2024 Lunch Menu

June 2024 Lunch Menu