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Welcome to Bishop Grimes!

In the first year at my new position as Principal of Bishop Grimes, and I am even prouder than I was as a student and graduate. It certainly has been an unordinary time in education, but the students, staff, and families of Bishop Grimes have risen to the challenges. Beginning in September we provided a safe, and full-time/five-day, in-person option for our students and this semester began offering athletics with those same standards, experiencing the same success. Our goal is to provide our students safety within the least-restrictive learning environment, allowing access to their fullest potential in education. We finished the year full of Congratulations for our Class of 2021 and all they have accomplished!
Heading into 21-22, the vision for Bishop Grimes will focus on preserving our tradition, while transforming for tomorrow. We will build on the mission and principles the school was founded on: faith formation, academic excellence, and service to others. We want our students to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, while preparing them for college in a relevant learning environment, that supports all students’ achievement of excellence. Bishop Grimes is the only Catholic, Jr./Sr. High School in the Diocese serving the neighborhoods on the east side of Syracuse. With that responsibility in mind, we work to provide a modern and transformative classroom experience. 
We will begin Fall 2021, when we partner our school with the power of Apple technology, and the ability to use it beyond just a supplement to the textbook and/or the way to type a paper and turn it in. Due to the remote learning needs of the pandemic, many schools have handed out technology to their students/staff, but it is how that technology is being used to transform learning and empower students that will be our focus. 
In addition to bringing the advancement and power of Apple to our classroom, we have streamlined our various and outdated third-party platforms to FACTS. FACTS is a K-12 platform that focuses on customizing and elevating the educational experiences for the schools it serves through service and technology in the areas of student information, website, standardized data, giving platforms, tuition assistance and management. Families will benefit from having one log-in to check grades and lesson plans, in addition to tuition plan needs. 
Bishop Grimes will be the only private high school in CNY to offer an Apple 1:1 environment with each student receiving an iPad, and every classroom equipped with a 65 inch, 4K TV and Apple TV. Teachers will tout the latest version of the iPad Pro rounding out the classroom experience with management tools such as Apple Classroom, access to over 900,000+ educational apps, and professional development through the Apple Teacher Program. We recognize, especially this year that part of being a college preparatory school is preparing our students to responsibly utilize technology to learn and create in the classroom. 
I believe there are many reasons that an increasing number of families are choosing Bishop Grimes as their school of choice. Bishop Grimes is a Catholic, College-Prep school providing a high-quality curriculum that is grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are proud to provide the following:

  • Faith Formation : As always, Leading with Jesus Christ, as our purpose, focus, and model
  • Academic Excellence: College Preparatory teaching and engagement – this is highlighted by improving results and maintaining our 100% college acceptance rate 
  • Service to Others : Currently Service Projects and Opportunities are provided in each class resulting in graduating classes with a total average of 2,000+ service hours each year
  • 1:1 learning environment 
  • A partnership with Le Moyne College offering exclusive opportunities for students at Bishop Grimes
  • Maintaining high expectations for student behavior 
  • A Relevant, College-Preparatory Curriculum 
  • A range of inclusive, extra-curricular activities and athletics, that continues to grow
  • Family Participation through our BGPO and Athletic Booster Club
  • A high-performing, forward-thinking Board of Trustees 

Another reason for our continued success is the strong partnerships we are developing with our alumni, business and community partners. A key component to the vision of the school is to provide opportunities for engagement and connection with our Alumni. We have initiated this through our Cobra Connects Virtual Series, a quarterly panel consisting of leaders and entrepreneurs both graduates of Bishop Grimes and in the community that are trailblazers in their field. In addition, we have initiated Friday Features, small articles on our social media and emails to our community highlighting, weekly, the accomplishments of our school. We encourage all families to follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the most up to date highlights. 
As you may already be aware, Le Moyne College has a partnership with Bishop Grimes that provides our students the opportunity to earn college credits, while in high school. In an exclusive opportunity for Bishop Grimes Students, Le Moyne College offers a pre-collegiate bridge program where BG students can take courses at Le Moyne, for a reduced tuition rate. If the student ends up attending Le Moyne and maintains eligibility Le Moyne will reimburse the student for up to five of the courses taken as a BG student. 
While both contain a rigorous curriculum, AP courses are taught in high school classrooms, by high school teachers and students must pass the exam to earn college credit. In our dual-credit program through Le Moyne College our students are taught by college professors, and guaranteed the college credit. We are excited and proud of our partnership with Le Moyne, as a local, faith-based college.
I would like to conclude with a thank you for the kind welcome and introductions I have received from the students, staff, and families. I feel blessed and excited to be a part of this new chapter at Bishop Grimes, and having this opportunity to serve in the community that has given me so much. I look forward to continuing to connect with our families and alumni, while continuing to be thankful for the opportunity to lead. 
My prayers are always for Our Students and The Bishop Grimes Community. 

God Bless You, 
Principal Allyson Headd '08.