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Welcome to Bishop Grimes!

As the Principal at Bishop Grimes, I am filled with Cobra Pride! Our vision for Bishop Grimes is focused on preserving our tradition, while transforming for tomorrow. We continue to build on the mission and principles the school was founded on: faith formation, academic excellence, and service to others. We want our students to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, while preparing them for college, with a relevant learning environment that supports all students’ achievement of academic excellence. Bishop Grimes is the only Catholic Jr./Sr. High School in the Diocese serving the neighborhoods on the east side of Syracuse. With that responsibility in mind, we have worked hard to provide a modern and transformative classroom experience.

In August 2021, we began unveiling  a complete transformation in the physicality of our school. To date, we have invested in the following:  fresh painting of over 80% of the school building, overhaul of the landscaping, complete clean up of areas around the school including the classrooms and storage spaces, updated and modernized bathrooms for staff and guests, new flooring and carpeting throughout the main offices and library,  brand new glass backboards in the main gymnasium, with upgraded shot clock technology, necessary repairs to all student bathrooms, countless technology and wireless upgrades, a revamp and clean out of school basement and batting cage area, and school branding throughout our campus with windscreens, rugs, and banners. We also opened The Nancy J. Toscano Learning Center, which houses the new senior lounge, upgraded main library area, and a brand new,  5 space in 1,  collaborative tutoring center.

Additionally, we partner our school with the power of Apple technology, and the ability to use it beyond just a supplement to the textbook and/or the way to type a paper and turn it in. We became the first school in CNY to be 1:1 with Apple. All of our students are provided an apple ipad, while teachers received the ipad pro, and directors/staff utilize MacBooks. Each classroom includes a 70 inch 4K TV, and AppleTV, further enhancing learning opportunities and collaboration for our students. Our teachers have been the leaders during this transformation, rising to the challenge of implementing the new technology, with 100% of them certified Apple Teachers.

We chose our partnership with Apple not based on our stance on "big tech", but more for the educational tool that the iPad provides in the area of accessibility features, efficiency, and preparation for our students. Technology, whether we love it or not, is a core piece of every career path today. Even as I write this to you, we are using technology to communicate. Our goal with our student iPads is to prepare them to utilize technology appropriately, and responsibly. In addition to this, the iPad allows each of our students to be on the same page, working from the same "backpack" as every other student, on day one in the classroom. It is a part of our mission to serve students across a range of demographics, and the device allows each child to have the tools necessary to succeed.

In addition to bringing the advancement and power of Apple to our classroom, we were a leader in the diocese by streamlining our various, outdated third-party platforms to FACTS. As a K-12 platform, FACTS focuses on customizing and elevating the educational experiences for the schools it serves through service and technology in the areas of student information, website, standardized data, giving platforms, tuition assistance and management. Bishop Grimes has piloted the diocesan initiative this year, and FACTS has brought us a transformed website, an exclusive BG App, elevated student/family access and communication, as well as a paperless approach to student data, reporting,  and information housing.

We continue to build on the opportunities for our students' exposure to college level courses and curriculum.  We work to foster our partnership with Le Moyne College, who continues to provide an exclusive opportunity for Bishop Grimes students through a pre-collegiate bridge program, allowing BG students to take courses at Le Moyne, for a reduced tuition rate. In addition, we have added a partnership with Marquette University, through Catholic Virtual, that provides our highest achieving students the opportunity to take dual-credit courses, at a discounted rate, beginning to build their college transcript while still in high school. Unlike AP courses that are taught by high school teachers and result in a culminating exam determining credit, dual-credit courses are guaranteed college credit, taught by college professors. High school students who have had exposure to dual-credit programs, such as the ones we are able to provide, have proven success at the post-secondary level.  At Bishop Grimes, we want to focus on not just student acceptance to college, but student success at the post-secondary level.

I would like to conclude with a thank you for the continued support I receive from our alumni, students, staff, and families. I’d like to acknowledge the continued support of The Board of Trustees, and their tireless efforts in supporting the success of these initiatives and those to come. I look forward to continuing to connect with our families and alumni, while continuing to be thankful for the opportunity to lead. It is such a privilege to lead Bishop Grimes in this next chapter, and a blessing to serve our amazing students. Our Vision remains focused on our commitment to Bishop Grimes and it’s students, ensuring sustainability and success. In 2002, my parents chose Bishop Grimes for me, following my time at Holy Cross Elementary,  because they saw the opportunity for me to continue to  grow in my relationship with Christ, and the feeling of family exuded by the faculty and staff. It is my hope that you experience the same.

My prayers are always for Our Students and The Bishop Grimes Community. 

God Bless You,



Allyson Headd ‘08 | Principal