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The Service Learning Program at Bishop Grimes is a basic part of our school's mission that fosters a life of service and witness to the message of the Word of God. By volunteering their energies and talents to the people and organizations in our community, students fulfill their obligations to perform corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Service at our school is part of who we are as a people of faith in Christ. Although there are prescribed hours of service for students to complete in each year's Theology class, which are verified by the instructor, it is our hope the school's culture naturally promotes service-minded endeavors. Our students graduate with an average of 150+ hours of service. 


Service Hour Minimum Requirements by Grade Level:

7th and 8th Grades: 16 hours

9th and 10th Grades: 20 hours

11th and 12th Grades: 28 hours


Service Hour Due Dates:

First Semester: December 2, 2024

Second Semester: May 2, 2025


Click Here to submit your service hours for 2024-2025.