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Dates for 24-25 School Year

September 11, 8:00am: Mass of The Holy Spirit

October 1, 8:15am: Mass for Life at Bishop Grimes with Bishop Lucia

November 1, 8:00am: Solemnity of All Saints Mass

November 22, 2:00pm: Thanksgiving Prayer Service

December 12, 1:30pm: Advent Penance Service

December 9, 8:15am: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Mass

December 13, 8:15am: Christmas Prayer Service

January 26 - February 1: Catholic Schools Week 2024

January 30, 8:15am: Catholic Schools Week Mass

March 5, 8:15am: Ash Wednesday Mass

March 19, 8:15am: Solemnity of Saint Joseph Mass

March 27, 1:30pm: Lenten Penance Service

April 4, 2:00pm: Stations of The Cross

April 16-19: Paschal Triduum

May 16, 8:15am: May Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary

May 29, 8:15am: Ascension Thursday Mass

June 12, 6:30pm: Baccalaureate Mass for The Class of 2025, St. Matthew's Church

June 26, 9:00am: End of Year Mass for Staff/Faculty